Welcome to your newly found unique investment tracker. The tracker which works for cryptocurrencies and stocks alike! Not only will it track your investments portfolio for you, it will also provide you with quality tools such as relevant newsfeed and the financial summary tool. This is the only tracker you will need. No paid subscriptions are necessary. You can have it for absolutely free.

This page will summarise the essential sheets used in the investment tracker one by one. The goal is that every user is capable of using the spreadsheet optimally.

News Feed

Analysis of news
Newsfeed of portfolio tracker

Once you are finished with the instructions, head over to the “NewsFeed” sheet. A drop-down list is present in cell “B3”. Open it and select one of your stock holdings. Then select the source you are interested in. Chose this source in the second drop-down list in cell “C3”. For stocks you have the options to chose from “Seeking Alpha” or “Yahoo Finance” as news source. For cryptocurrencies, you can chose general news from “Cryptoninajs”, “Coindesk” or “Cointelegraph”.

Financial Summary

The next tool available for your use is the “Financial Summary”. This sheet extract a table from finviz.com. The table provides you financial information on a specific stock. Enter in cell “B3” the symbol of the stock you are interested in. The table should update automatically. Unfortunatly, finviz only supports US stocks. A graph displaying the historical price is also present. You can change the graph by entering a different date in cell “P4” up and till cell “P10”.

Financial of portfolio tracker
Financial Screener


Arguably the most important sheet is located in the “Positions” tab. This sheet provides you with an overview of all your current holdings and includes key info such as average cost basis, portfolio allocation, cost basis, sector, industry, market cap, price change daily, purchase cost, position value, gains or losses and portfolio return. The first three column are created based on the function “myPositions” and the rest of the data is automatically calculated based on either this information or the information located in the History sheet.

Positions sheet of portfolio tracker

Analysis of Portfolio

This sheet will provide you with a graphical overview of your investments which will help you in your future decision. For example, the cost basis shows how much percentage wise you spent on a certain stock and next to this graph you will find the allocations of your holdings which displays how much that stock has grown (or not) relative to your portfolio. This can help you reflect on your past course. Other insights such as whether your portfolio is diverse can be obtained from observing the different allocations of your categories, accounts, industry and sector.

Return on Investment

The final sheet on the investment tracker will provide you with an overview of all your returns over one holding period. In the drop-down list in cell “D4” you can chose whether you wish to view your realized gains or unrealized gains. In the dropdownbox located in cell “F4” you can chose which category you wish to view. An option exists to view your complete portfolio as well. The graphs in the sheet are linked dynamically, meaning they will change based on the values of the drop-down list and any changes made in the “History” sheet. The first chart will provide you with gains or losses for an individual asset, the second chart will provide you with your portfolio return. This is especially useful since one of your holdings may have lost 90% of its value, however, if you only spend a $100 dollar on that holding the impact impact on your total return might be minimal. The impact of your holdings on your return is what is displayed in this chart. The third chart will provide you with an overview of you categories and any gains or losses made in absolute numbers instead of percentages. The final charts are gauge meters displaying your total return (including all realized, unrealized gains and dividend) and total dividends received.

Having trouble with getting the investment tracker to work? Make sure to double-check the instruction page! If your problem still persists, feel free to contact me. All you have to do to gain access to the investment tracker is to subscribe!