After the infamous stock market crash in 2020, I was lured into the world of investments, specifically in stocks. Around 2021 I started dabbling in bitcoin and not much later was drawn into the world of cryptocurrency. This world had thaught me many things about the financial system. The outright unfairness of centralisation and the impact of inflation on our daily lives opened my eyes. The fascination with crypto soon drew me into other projects and I became captivated by the vast potential of decentralised finance. A story which might be familiar to yours. In addition this google sheets crypto and stocks tracker is the best.

Continuing on this journey, I faced a major obstacle. I had registered at two different brokers, three different centralised cryptocurrency exchanges and two decentralised exchanges. My holdings were all over the place and I had no overview whatsoever. What was happening in the market? Stocks were down but crypto was doing well or vica versa. This lack of control resulted in a feeling of helplessness.

For this reason, all investors type of investors, from the risk-averse dividend trader to the high risk crypto junkie, need a tool to track their investments. After all, you want to realise your financial goals. This is only possible by tracking your progress and reflecting on past decision. Having such a tool is a requirement for any serious investor seeking to improve his or her skills.

Google sheets crypto and stocks tracker

While searching online for this investment tracker, I quickly learned that the available trackers were scarce. Although some trackers online fullfilled my criteria, they required a subscription of $15-30 USD per month. Here is one example and another. Moreover, most trackers only worked for cryptocurrencies or stocks. This left me with the choice of paying for an expensive monthly subscription or taking satisfaction with limited tracking (e.g. maximum of 10 holdings). Both options are an unacceptable solution.

The emergence of the investment tracker

With this in mind, I started to absorb as much information as I could in the span of a couple of months and eventuelly started to build my own investment tracker using google spreadsheet. It started out as a simpel tracker and as time passed on, more and more tools were added. To give you some examples, one of these tools is able to help you analyse the performance of different categories and therefore allow you to reflect on past decision. Another tool can help you screen stocks and keep you updated on news. This in turn may help you form your future decisions. Eventuelly this resulted into the investment tracker you know today.

With this investment tracker, you can say goodbye to all paid subscriptions. It is absolutely free. By cutting out the middle man, you can now use your money as you should – investing in great projects.

A seed has been planted

CoinAtlas is a non-profit organisation which has just started out and has much room to grow. Currently it consists of just myself. But perhaps you would like to join me. If that is the case, feel free to reach out! In order to grow, this organisation requires donations from generous people like yourself. The first donations will be used to follow courses to learn google app script. With google app script it is possible to build a script and integrate it in your google spreadsheet, creating an endless amount of posibilities! The knowledge I gain from these courses will be used to build an even better investment tracker for you. For example, one limitation of the investment tracker is a performance issue when tracking more than ten cryptocurrencies. This is a problem I hope to solve with future programming skills.

Google sheets crypto and stocks tracker

My mission is to constantly improve the investment tracker and provide you with new features and tools to aid you in your investment journey. You can find other features under development in the roadmap below. I am still at the beginning of the road in creating the best free investment tracker for cryptocurrencies and stocks. You can help this cause by donating!

Google sheets crypto and stocks tracker

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Gain access to the investment tracker for cryptocurrency and stocks

In order to gain access to this awesome investment tracker, all you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter. An automatic email will be sent to you with a link to the spreadsheet. Make sure to check your spam mail.

UPDATE 11/13/2021: In order to gain access to the newest premium tracker, there are a few steps you must complete. It requires little effort from your part and can be done in under 2 minutes. I am giving you a free awesome tracker in return for some PR. Read more here. The “basic” tracker is still available by simply subscribing to the newsletter but it is definetly a downgrade compared to the “premium” tracker.

Investment tracker for cryptocurrency and stocks. Investment tracker for cryptocurrency and stocks. Investment tracker for cryptocurrency and st. Investment tracker for cryptocurrency and stocks.

If you are having trouble with setting up the investment tracker, make sure to check out the manual and description of the spreadsheet. link