Why you should use this investment tracker

Analyse your past and form your future decisions. This investment tracker is for the investor avid for information.

Dynamical build

Once you set up the investement tracker, you only have to update the transaction history. The rest of the spreadsheet will update dynamically.

Quality analysis tools

Stay up to date with the newsfeed tool and search for new US stocks with the financial summary tool.

Diverse asset tracking

The investment tracker is build to track stocks and cryptocurrencies

Tax Report

Gain overview of your past transactions through the accounting method FIFO (first in, first out) or LIFO (last in, first out).

High Performance

The tracker extract data from coinmarketcap API. This significantly improves the speed of the spreadsheet compared to extracting the data with web-scraping functions.

Net worth

Total net worth tracking starts after the first day of setup. See your net worth grow steadily as time progresses!

The portfolio tracker for crypto and stocks

Portfolio tracker for crypto and stocks 

You came here in search of a portfolio tracker for crypto and stocks. Most likely, you understand the necessity of such a tracker. In fact, all type of investors, from the risk-averse dividend trader to the high risk crypto junkie, need a tool to track their investments. For with such a tool an investor can track the progress of his financial goal and improve his or her skills. However, creating such a tracker can be a time-consuming process and requires a set of skills, especially to build one capable of tracking all cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, you happen to be in luck as this is exactly where CoinAtlas comes into play!

While there are other free investment trackers available for google spreadsheet, they are often standalone or limited. This is an example of a good tracker for stocks, but does not work for crypto and this one tracks crypto, but is limited to 25 requests per day. Yet others require a monthly subscription such as this one! This portfolio tracker will free you of those limitations. There is a “basic edition” available for free and a “premium edition” which will remain free untill the 1st of february 2022. Gain access to the “basic edition” by subscribing to my newsletter (see below) and learn here how to gain acess to the “premium edition”.

What sets the premium portfolio tracker apart from others, is the fact that it can track your total net worth, tracks past and present performance of both crypto and stocks and comes with awesome tools such as a newsfeed and financial screener. It uses legitimate accounting methods such as FIFO/LIFO, which can help you with your tax reports. Moreover, since it connects with coinmarketcap API, it loads many times faster than spreadsheets that use IMPORTHTML functions. It also takes into account dividends, stock splits and cryptocurrencies lost due to transfer (e.g. from wallet to exchange). You can find the differences between the premium & basic edition below!

If you have any idea’s or features you would like to see, feel free to make use of the contact form to message me. If you like the google spreadsheet for cryptocurrency and stocks then consider making a donation, as this is a non-profit organization. Your donations will be used for the future development of the google spreadsheet for cryptocurrency and stocks. Thank you for reading this message. Check out my channel for more information.

Choose the tracker that suits your needs

Two version exist of the portfolio tracker: cryptocurrency tracker and cryptocurrency & stocks tracker. Chosing either plan will provide you with access to both version. The "Premium edition" is in beta and therefore available for free untill 01-02-2022.

Basic Edition


  • Dashboard
  • Overview current holdings
  • FIFO
  • Limited graphical presentation
  • Balance per account
  • Dividends
  • Limited 30 cryptocurrencies
  • Limited 100 stocks
  • Web-scraping functions
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Beta Premium Edition


  • Net worth tracking
  • Overview current & past holdings
  • Extensive graphical presentation
  • Balance per account
  • Dividends & stock split
  • Limited 200 cryptocurrencies
  • Limited 200 stocks
  • CoinMarketCap API
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